How to become an Insurance Agent in India?

A person can earn a good income by becoming an insurance agent in India. The main function of an insurance agent is to find people in need of insurance, make them aware of its need and insure them.

All insurance companies hire insurance agents. Whenever an insurance agent sells a policy, he gets a commission. A large number of people in India are working as insurance agents in various insurance companies. If you also want to become an insurance agent, then here you are being given complete information about how to become an insurance agent, qualification, work, salary.


How to become an insurance agent?

You can apply online or offline to become an agent in any IRDA registered insurance company. The insurance company on the basis of its criteria selects the person who can be appointed as an insurance agent from the applications received.

The selected person is then given a prescribed training and sent to the field for policy selling and awareness.  To become an insurance agent, it is most important that you become an agent in a company registered by the Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India (IRDA), which gives you more benefits.

Well, it is up to the company whether to give basic salary to the newly selected candidate or not as most of the insurance agents are not appointed on salary but on incentive and commission which means whenever the insurance agent sells the policy he is paid a commission instead and is also given an incentive to sell more policies in a month than expected.


Eligibility to become an insurance agent

To become an insurance agent, candidates must have passed 10th or 12th.
According to the Insurance Regulatory Authority of India (IRDA), candidates aspiring to become an insurance agent will have to undergo 100 hours of practical training from an IRDA-approved institution.
The eligibility of every insurance company is different, so a person becoming an insurance agent should go to the chosen company and get complete information about its terms and conditions.

Age Range

Candidate must be 18 years of age or above to become an insurance agent.

Functions of insurance agent

To promote the insurance policy of the company and make people aware.
To insure people according to their needs.
Helping people make deposits for insurance policies.
Providing reminders for insurance policies so that there is no problem in policy renewal.
Helping people understand and buy an insurance policy.


Benefits of an insurance agent
In this you get unlimited opportunities to earn money but, it depends on you how well you can earn.
Insurance agents who make a good record in their company get the facility to travel abroad from the company.
When the time comes, the insurance agent is called for training in some good hotels, where he is given good training and at the same time he is given accommodation and food facilities. Along with this work, the insurance agent can also do any other work.


Insurance agent salary

The insurance agent is not given a full fixed salary, as his salary depends on the performance of his work. The more policies an insurance agent sells, the higher the commission he gets. Some agents make lakhs of rupees a month, some earn less than that and some earn more than imagined.

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