How to change Easy PIN in Yono Lite SBI?

Easy PIN is a unique feature in Yono Lite SBI App. With this feature you can Login to your Yono Lite SBI App with a Six Digit MPIN.

This is a Convenient & Faster way to login to your Yono Lite SBI App. By using Easy PIN you don’t need to enter your your SBI Internent Banking User Name & Password to login your Yono Lite SBI App.

You need to enable Easy PIN feature & create a Six Digit MPIN to use this feature. You can also change the Easy PIN in Yono Lite SBI easily.


To change Easy PIN in Yono Lite SBI follow the following steps:

Step 1. Login SBI Yono Lite App with “Easy PIN” or “User Name & Password”

Step 2. Tap on “ Three Lines” at the top left side of the screen

Step 3. Tap on “Manage Easy PIN”

Step 4. Enter the new Easy Pin that you want to change

Step 5. Confirm the “Easy PIN” again

Step 6. Click on “I accept the Terms & Conditions”& Tap on “Confirm”

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Step 7.  An One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your Registered Mobile Number.

Step 8.  Type that OTP & Tap on Submit


Your Easy PIN in Yono Lite SBI will be changed successfully.


You can also watch the following video. In this video I have also explained the process.

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