How to get bank statement from YONO SBI?

how to get bank statement from yono sbi

If you are an YONO SBI user & want to know how to get bank statement from YONO SBI then you are at the right place.

You may require Bank Statement of your SBI Bank Account for many reasons. For instance if you are applying for a Loan or applying for Visa or for any other Financial reason you may require Bank Statement in SBI.

Using YONO SBI app you can easily get & download your bank statement using the internet. These bank statements can be generated for a specific range of dates, or for any month and year and can be viewed online, printed or saved as an Excel or PDF file.

If you are using YONO SBI app and don’t know how to get statement from YONO SBI , then you can read this article. Here, I have shared all the details that will help you on how to downlaod the Bank Statement

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What is YONO SBI?

YONO SBI  is a Mobile Banking app by the State Bank of India (SBI). At YONO SBI the customers of SBI can access services like banking, lifestyle, insurance, investment, and shopping needs.
Thus YONO SBI is a one stop solution for all the obove services. You don’t need to go anywhere for accessing any of these services.


To get statement from YONO SBI you should have YONO SBI downloaded, installed and activated in your Phone. After that Login to yor YONO SBI app & follow these steps below to download your SBI Bank Statement.


Step  1. Login to your YONO SBI App


Step  2. Click on “Accounts”

How to get bank statement from YONO SBI app?


Step 3.  Click on “Savings A/C”

How to get bank statement from YONO SBI app?

Step 4. You can now view your Transactions. To download transactions click on icon at the right side of the Transaction Details. You can also Email your transactions by clicking on the email Icon.

How to get bank statement from YONO SBI app?

Note: In YONO SBI App you can view or download/email only last 150 transactions.



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