How to register Yono Lite SBI?

How to register Yono Lite SBI


To register Yono Lite SBI online you must have SBI Debit/ATM Card, Registered Mobile Number at SBI.

SBI Yono Lite is the upgraded version of SBI Anywhere App. With SBI Yono Lite you can assess SBI Internet Banking with your smart phone which you did earlier with SBI anywhere app.

To register Yono Lite SBI follow these following steps:

Step 1. Download SBI Yono Lite App from Google Play Store or iOS Store & Install it in your Smart Phone

Step 2. Tap on “Registration”

How to register Yono Lite SBI?

Step 3. Again Tap on “New User Registration”

How to register Yono Lite SBI?

Step 4. Tap on “PROCEED”

How to register Yono Lite SBI?

Step 5. Type your Account Number, CIF Number (you will get your CIF Number at the front page of your SBI Passbook),Branch Code, Select Country, Registered Mobile Number, Facility required (Select Full Transaction Rights if you want to assess all features of SBI Internet banking),Enter the Text as shown below & Tap on “Submit”

Step 6. An One Time password (OTP) will be sent to your Registered Mobile Number. Enter the OTP & Click on “Confirm”

How to register Yono Lite SBI?

Step 7. Select the Option I have my ATM Card(Online Registration without branch visit) & Select Submit

How to register Yono Lite SBI?

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Step 8. Enter Debit card details & Tap on “Pay”

Step 9. Create your SBI Internet banking Username & Login Password, Confirm the Login password again & Tap Submit

Step 10. Congratulations!!You have been successively registered for Internet banking. A message will appear on the screen. Select “Close”

Step 11. Now, go back to the SBI Yono Lite Home Screen. Type your Username & Password that you created during SBI Yono Lite (SBI Internet Banking) Registration & Tap on Submit

Step 12. Now, you have to create your SBI Yono Lite (SBI Internet banking) profile password. Create your Profile password,Enter Profile Password again, Select your Hint Question & Type your answer(This Hint answer will help you recover Profile password if you forget it),Select  your Country. Type your mobile Number  with country code & Tap on Submit.

Step 13. An Activation Code will be sent to your registered Mobile number again. Type that OTP & Tap Submit.

Step 14. Congratulations!!Your User activation successful. A message will appear your screen.

You have successively registered SBI Yono Lite.You can now access all the features of SBI Yono Lite