How to unblock SBI Debit Card Online?

How to unblock SBI debit card online? You can Block your SBI Debit Card or ATM Card Online by login to  to SBI Online website or Yono SBI Lite (formerly known as SBI Anywhere) App. To unblock your SBI Debit Card or ATM Card you have to visit your SBI home branch & have to submit the necessary documents to unblock your SBI Debit/ATM Card.


To unblock your SBI Debit Card/ATM card you will need the following documents:

1) Your SBI Account Number

2) Your photo ID proof or PAN Card

3) Your ATM/Debit Card last four digits

4) Your Account CIF No. (You will get your CIF No. in the front page of your SBI Account passbook)

5) Your signature that you gave while creating your SBI account.


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How to unblock your SBI Debit Card or ATM Card?

To Unblock your SBI debit card or ATM Card you have to visit your SBI home branch & tell them that your ATM or Debit Card has been blocked. You have to tell them the reason. After that you will ask for the ATM unblocking Form. Fill it up properly. Give the details like your SBI Account Number, your ATM/Debit Card last four digits, your Account CIF No etc. & give your signature. You have to fix your ID proof or may require PAN Card with that form.

After submitting the form the bank will process your request & your SBI Debit Card or ATM card will be unblocked within 48 hours. You may receive a message on your registered mobile number after your SBI ATM Card or Debit card has been unblocked.




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