What is SBI Rewardz points?

What is SBI Rewardz points?

What is SBI Rewardz points?

SBI Rewardz points is a Loyalty Program by State Bank of India(SBI) that awards its customers with reward points for various transactions across many banking services.These points can be redeemed by the customer by doing Mobile recharge ,DTH recharge The customer just need to activate the account through the website or the SBI Rewardz app available in Android Play Store and iOS App Store

How to get SBI rewardz points?

You will get SBI Rewardz  points whenever you do transactions with  SBI Debit Card, Credit

How to register at SBI Rewardz?

What is SBI Rewardz?
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  1.  You will be ascessing this page now. Register at SBI Rewardz. Give your CIF no. as Customer ID (You will get your CIF no.from your SBI Passbook) Give the last 4 digit of your mobile number in the second row. Write the captcha in the third row as shown & click on Submit.
What is SBI Rewardz?
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  1. You can now access your dashboard. You can be able to view your name, available points at the top of the left side of the screen that you earned by doing transactions through your debit card, credit card,online banking & mobile banking. You can also check points earned & points redeemed.
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What can you do with these points?

You can do mobile recharge, DTH Recharge,Flight Booking,Hotel Booking,Bus Ticket Booking, Online shopping,Get Gift Vouchers,Get Offers,Contribute to SBI Green card.

How to redeem SBI Rewardz points?

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source: rewardz.sbi

  • Login with your used id & password & click Login. Also solve the Captcha.
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  • Select your redemption option.(ie.Mobile Recharge,DTH Recharge etc.)
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You can do Mobile Recharge,DTH Recharge & much more with your rewarded points. You can see the points available at the top left of the Screen. Once you recharge or do any action the points with be deducted from there.

Can I convert SBI reward points to cash?

Yes, you can redeem your SBI reward points for cash, however the only way to redeem them for cash is by calling or writing to the SBI Credit Card Customer Service Help Line. To redeem reward points for cash, you can call or write to them.

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What is the SBI Rewardz customer care number?


How can I get my SBI Rewardz customer ID?

You CIF No. is the the customer ID at  SBI Rewardz (You will get the CIF No. in the first page of your SBI Pass Book)

Is SBI Rewardz safe?

Yes,it is 100% safe.It is a Loyality Program offered  by State Bank of India (SBI) to its customers for various transactions across many banking services.

How Reward points are calculated?

The reward point is different for  transactions in different channels. To know more click here

Do SBI reward points expire?

Yes,It will expire in 36 months if not used.

How can I check my SBI reward points?

  • Visit https://www.rewardz.sbi/
  • Click Login (Top right side of the screen)
  • Give your User ID,Password & solve Captcha
  • You can view your SBI reward points below your name.
  • You can also view your SBI reward points clicking the three dots icon at the top right side of the screen .

Can I transfer SBI reward points to Paytm?

No,you cannot transfer SBI reward points to Paytm. But you can use these points to to Recharge Mobile,DTH Recharge,Flight booking,Bus ticket booking etc. similarly like Paytm.

When SBI Rewardz program started?

It was started in December 2017

Conclusion: SBI Rewardz is a very good Loyalty reward program by SBI & you get the reward points just only for doing transactions through SBI.This sounds great. Isn’t it? You can also download the SBI Rewardz App available at Google Play store & iOS Store & register there & can also access it there.So what you are waiting for!!Register at SBI Rewardz & enjoy..